A Private GPU/ASIC Resistant Cryptocurrency forked from Nerva


Whats the story here?

Blurrycash was created by forking the Nerva (XNV) Fork Blur's chain at block 266267. This means that Blur private keys or seeds are compatible with our network and once restored you will have coins on both chains. We believe that the project should go in a different direction before it can no longer be salavaged. We also aim to remain GPU/ASIC/FPGA and Pool resistant where Blur does not.

Read more about why below.

Community Led

We want this project to be led by the community for the community. True decentralization while working closely with its parent to improve the whole cryptocurrency space.

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Close Collaboration

This part of the community believes close collaboration with its upstream is required for the project to succeed. We want to work together with Nerva to make both projects as best as possible.